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Unwelcome Solicitors
Posted on Aug 14th, 2020 Comments (0)
No Soliciting Guidelines
Hello Park Place Residents, 
Lately we have been getting quite a few solicitors in the neighborhood. One recent encounter reported by one of our Members is from a a bug spraying company called Alta, going door-to-door and asking for business. It was also reported that they were uncooperative. Companies can get in trouble if they knock on a "No Knock" property in Owasso. We are a "No Solicitation" neighborhood, but you can also register your home to be a No Knock property by going to the city website and registering. Click on the the following link to register on the the Owasso site: NoKnock.
If you encounter any unwelcomed solicitor, please ask them to leave the neighborhood and remind them we are a no solicitation neighborhood. If you are using a vendor for your own property, they may place a small marketing sign in your yard, but they are not permitted to go to your neighbors to solicit more business. 
Thanks for watching out for your neighborhood. 
Park Place at Preston Lakes